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Tank Repair

Tank Repairs

During a tank clean the operatives may identify the tank is damaged. Often the damage is a crack or cracks in the tank walls that are letting ground water/dirt/debris into the tank. It has been found on a couple of occasions that the baffle (or dividing wall) within the tank has become dislodged.

There are various ways in which the tank could become damaged however quite often it is thought the tanks have become damaged due to poor installation. This can be dismissed or confirmed once the tank is empty by the tank repair team.

For example, the strength in underground storage tanks is from the concrete or pea gravel surrounding it. The GRP tank is little more than a mould and water tight liner to hold the water in. When being installed it is imperative for the tank to be filled with water at the same rate as concrete is poured in the pit around the tank*. Too little water in the tank and the tank may try to float. Too much water in the tank and too little concrete to support the walls of the tank and the tank may distort. Equally, the GRP tank should be sat on a wet bed of concrete in the pit, not a set base or rubble. This is to avoid air pockets surrounding the tank which would create weak spots in the base and walls of the tank. Rubble can also create pressure points under the base of the tank.

If the tank distorts the walls can become weakened and cracks may appear. Without entering the tank these may go unnoticed. This is partly why some tank manufacturers insist the tanks are professionally cleaned following installation.

Once damage has been identified and details taken RTC can arrange for a tank repair team to quote for the remedial works. The quote will take into consideration emptying the tank again, labour and materials. Once the fee is agreed a convenient date will be arranged with the client for the operatives to perform the repair.

A full report with before and after photos will be sent to the client shortly after the repair has taken place.

*Please check all installation guidelines supplied by the manufacturer for your specific make/model of storage tank. Installation guidelines can vary.

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